Your Events Build Your Brand

Your planned events are an important part of the success of your organization. They provide an opportunity to create an experience and engage with your audience.

Branding your event involves interrelated and clear communications for everything from your pre-event communications to generate attendance, on-site signage, exhibit graphics, mobile and web apps, giveaways, programs, post-event follow-ups and more.

In addition, reinforcing your brand creates shared visions and values among internal stakeholders. Your event can exhibit your identity and fulfill the promise you make to your audience. A strong brand inspires loyalty, motivation and contribution.

How to Define Your Brand for Events

Your event communications can imbue your audience with your values. Consider the following tips:

  • Develop a meeting name that is memorable while conveying the idea of the event.
  • Develop an event graphic that includes your event name, date, time and place. Use this graphic to attract attendees with web banners, email blasts, invitations, announcements, inserts into your mailings and publications, on social media sites; everywhere your audience goes. In addition, display your event graphic (without the date, time and place) at the event on signage, exhibits, giveaways and more.
  • Create an unforgettable environment that makes your event fun for attendees and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Keep your audience in mind—all of your communications must “speak” to your audience.
  • Use the opportunity to follow-up with attendees to be sure you remain foremost in their mind.

Ultimately, your successfully branded event will build continuing engagement from your audience.

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