Seeking a Business Partnership?

GO! Creative, LLC, a Maryland-based design and communications studio, is looking to expand our business relationships with other creative studios possessing similar cultures. Currently, our clients include labor unions, non-profits and mid-size organizations. We are open to ideas from others for business arrangements that would be mutually beneficial.We seek to:

  • Expand our client base
  • Expand our capabilities
  • Increase our variety and type of work
  • Establish an organization for the future

Some relationship possibilities include:

  • Incorporating freelance business owners into our business by combining resources and staff.
  • Acquiring creative businesses from owners seeking to retire or take a lesser role in their established business.
  • Partnering with other creative studios to supplement our staffing, provide new or enhanced capabilities, talents and skills and/or work in new business sectors.

We have successful experiences with all of these solutions.

If you are a business owner who is seeking any of the following, this could work for you:

  • enhance or stabilize your income,
  • take on less responsibility,
  • supplement your sales and marketing,
  • add capabilities and variety of work,
  • apply your talents to different work,
  • have access to additional creative minds,
  • get out of your business, and/or
  • make a change.

If interested in exploring this further, please contact Gail Oring or Holly Syrrakos at GO! Creative—301 933 9527;;

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