7 Steps to Successful Communications

You may be a new organization focused on establishing your communications. Or, currently you may be without a communications manager. Or, you are ready to move your organization to the next level and you need new ideas, a plan and implementation. GO! Creative can step in to help.We understand that establishing successful communications for your organization is unique to you, your leadership, your audience and your goals. Your plan needs to be achievable, on target and within budget. We have the expertise, knowledge and talent to provide you with a clear path to excellent results.

Our 7-step approach brings together stakeholders and identifies appropriate next steps to lead to your success. Here is how it works:

    1. We Listen.
      Noone knows your organization better than you. We want to know where you are coming from and where you are going.
    2. We Research.
      We learn about your audience, current industry trends, and what has and has not worked in the past.
    3. We Craft Your Individualized Message.
      Your message describes what you do and expresses your culture.
    4. We Develop a Plan for You.
      We look at all of the possible mechanisms and focus on the ones best suited to meet your needs. website, collateral, social media, multimedia, mobile, rebranding, public relations
    5. We Apply Creativity, Words and Images.
      Our experienced creative staff makes your pieces compelling and come to life.
    6. We Spread the Word—Fast.
    7. You Thrive.

We are available to discuss how we can move your mission forward. Contact us today for an initial consultation. You won’t look back.

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