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GO! Creative is a communications and design firm focused on helping clients whose missions create an impact on our communities.

GO! Creative, established in 2003, is a communications and design company focused on working with clients whose missions include protecting workers’ rights, human rights, the environment, education, smart growth initiatives, healthcare and programs that create an impact on our communities.

“By applying our creative skills, expertise and focus on issues-related campaigns, GO! Creative is uniquely positioned as a strategic partner for unions, non-profits, associations, and small-to medium-sized businesses,” says Holly Syrrakos, partner at GO! Creative.

Our focus is on the success of our clients. Our expert staff of designers, writers and webmasters develops brochures, direct mail, exhibits, websites, reports, logos, promotions and publications that generate the desired effect—and action.


Gail Oring

I get great satisfaction out of applying my skills to create something compelling and vital in order to inspire others. Whether it is to support a cause, product or service, I find beauty in creating a fusion of art and words to move people.

Our experience and skills as communications experts enables our clients to look at the whole picture. It is really exciting to help organizations establish their identity, widen their reach and achieve success. Ideas, causes, communities and businesses thrive with smart strategies and creative solutions.

Holly Syrrakos

I am often asked, “How does a Master’s degree in American History prepare you to be an artist?” The answer is simple.

All social movements have an art component that motivates and inspires participants. The best art reflects a deep understanding of human problems and creative solutions. History is the lens that gives us access to both.

As an activist supporting workers culture and the international movement for peace and justice, my interest in design and communications comes from the use of art as an integral part of the engine for social change.

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which
 to shape it.”—Bertolt Brecht


International Labor Communications Association



Minority Business Enterprise

Maryland Small Business Reserve

Federal Government SPA Program


Columbia Typographical Union, No. 101-12, CWA

American Institute of Graphic Artists